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Established Tyler Lawyers Offering Skilled Legal Representation to Clients Throughout Texas

Proudly serving clients for more than 25 years

Legal issues that impact your finances, family or employment can be difficult to handle alone. At Kimberly Martin & Associates, P.C., our Tyler, Texas attorneys have long served the legal needs of Texans. We are committed to providing the straightforward and experienced counsel you need to address even the most complex legal matters in Social Security disability, elder law healthcare matters, Medicaid and Medicare fraud defense, and whistleblower protection and litigation. When you retain us to handle your legal matter, you can count on receiving professional representation from attorneys you can trust.

Experience, professionalism and honesty are the hallmarks of our practice

We are respected in Tyler and throughout Texas for the level of service we provide to our clients. Our firm is proud to offer legal representation that is:

  • Established within the community — Since 1991, our attorneys have served clients in Tyler and throughout the state of Texas. In this time, we have established a reputation for providing professional and personalized legal representation. We have also gained useful insight into area courts, administrators and lawyers, allowing us to offer real-world advice on your legal issues.
  • Trustworthy — We pride ourselves on creating lasting relationships with every client we serve. To do so, we take great care to offer only the most straightforward and honest representation. Countless clients have referred us to friends and family or retained us to address legal issues on multiple occasions.
  • Committed to protecting your rights — Whatever your legal concerns may be, our attorneys fight to protect your rights and best interests throughout your case. This means that we only operate with your future in mind and will never advise you to make a decision or take action that puts your rights or best interests at risk.

We also offer multiple office locations and flexible scheduling to reduce the stress and inconvenience of dealing with your legal matters.

Serving clients throughout Texas in a range of practice areas

Our experience allows us to provide support to clients with a number of legal concerns, including those relating to:

  • Social Security disability — The Social Security disability program, or SSD, was designed to support individuals who are unable to work due to a physical or mental disability. We help clients prepare initial SSD claims and appeal previously denied claims.
  • Healthcare — Our firm is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of elderly and vulnerable individuals. We offer a wide range of healthcare law services, including elder law, disability claims and more.
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud defense — To protect the well-being of the Medicare and Medicaid system, the government takes an aggressive stance against individuals who file false claims. We defend clients facing Medicare and Medicaid fraud charges as well as those currently under investigation for fraudulent claims.
  • Whistleblower litigation — State and federal law provides protection for employees who report their employers for illegal or immoral actions. We represent individuals who have been illegally retaliated against following whistleblower action.

At Kimberly Martin & Associates, we know that no two legal issues are exactly the same. With that in mind, we take great care to fully understand your legal needs before offering advice on your options and potential strategies for pursuing resolutions.

Contact our Texas law firm today to schedule a free consultation

Since 1991, Kimberly Martin & Associates, P.C. has offered straightforward legal services to clients throughout the state of Texas. Our knowledge of the law, effective legal strategies and area courts allows us to offer the advice you need to pursue the most favorable resolutions possible. To schedule a free consultation at our Tyler office with one of our lawyers, contact us online or call 903-405-3220 today.